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Adoption Applications and Processing

The first step in adopting a Cougar Pet is applying for adoption! Please allow up to 2 weeks for responses regarding the status of your application. You may submit an application at any time. Once approved,  you will be able to pick up your new Cougar Pet once your meet and greet has been scheduled with our staff, pending approval of your application. 

Adoption Days:

  • Adoptions may take place throughout the year Mon-Fri by reaching out to us with an application. Once an application is placed, we will reach out to you to schedule a meet and greet with our Cougar Pets.

Adoption Fees:

  • VMT Staff and Students - $32.00 (For transfer of microchip information)

  • CCCC Staff and Students - $65.00 (must have proof of current school ID)

  • Public Members - $100.00

Adoption fees allow us to continue to provide the quality care our Cougar Pets deserve! Adoption fees must be paid in cash or check and are due at time of pickup/adoption.

Note: if you are having trouble accessing the form below, Click here!

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