Nice to meet you! My name is Reba, and I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. Do you like climbing trees?? Me too (or at least I try)! I'm a charmer with a high drive for keeping squirrels in line, and I always have a nose out for new friends. If you want a squirrel-free yard, I’m your girl! Fun fact about myself: I love singing, and I’m even known to be on key a few times. Besides being the new upcoming musical talent, I am a total people-pleaser who is always ready for a treat or playtime with a ball. Let’s climb a tree together sometime!

Reba is currently available for adoption!

Reba Quick Facts:

Birthday: 4/25/20

Breed: Coonhound

Color: Tricolor

Weight: 47.8 lbs.

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Reba 3.jpg
Reba 2.jpg
Reba 3.jpg