Who’s ready for a field trip?? I’m Mrs. Frizzle aka The Friz! If I had one wish it would be to be in a home with another dog. I absolutely adore being around four-legged friends especially if they like to play like me! Whole-body happy wiggles are my specialty, and oh do I have a lot to wiggle. I may be at the top of my weight class, but we can keep that a secret just between you and me! Clear skies and a smooth breeze running through my soft hair mean the best time exploring all the world has to offer. Might even have time for some rolling and army crawling too! Let's schedule a playdate sometime!

Mrs. Frizzle is currently available for adoption!


Mrs. Frizzle Quick Facts:

Birthday: 2/27/21

Breed: Lab mix

Color: Red

Weight: 38.4 lbs

Frizzle 1_edited.jpg
Frizzle 3.jpg
Frizzle 1.jpg
Mrs. Frizzle 4.JPG
Frizzle 2.jpg